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Photo Guidelines for Specialty Trading Cards

Taking a Great Picture

Remember, the better the picture, the better the card!
Look for interesting backgrounds.
Make sure the subject is the focus of the card and is not set too far back in the photo.
Be aware of glare (eyeglasses, windows, badges) and lighting (sun, shadows, artificial light, darkness).
Be sure that image does not extend to edge of photo. Leave plenty of room around subject so it can be centered within the card frame.

Digital Photos & Images

We prefer digital image files (not prints) as long as they are high quality.
A 2.1 mega pixel camera at the highest resolution or highest quality setting will produce a good image.
The images need to be 300 dpi (1200 x 900 pixels) at the full print size.
For a 3.5 x 4 photo, the file should be at least 1.3 mega pixels which equals about a 4.0 megabyte .tiff.
Files should be saved in a .tiff format or a .jpeg as long as they are compressed using the highest quality setting in the compression.
DO NOT cut or crop photos. MINT CARDS will size and edit photos.
To show desired crop areas, use a photocopy of photo to indicate. MINT CARDS reserves the right to crop photos as necessary.
For multiple card orders, name your files with the subject's name so we can easily match the images to the Order Forms.
You can upload your digital files during the online ordering process. Alternatively, you can email them to (make sure you fax us an Order Form). For larger orders, burn the images on to a CD and mail to us along with your Order Forms.

Standard Photo Prints

200 speed film works well for still photos. Use a flash when needed. Action shots require at least 400, preferably 1000 speed film.
Images must be in the form of a photograph or unmounted print.
Gloss finish is preferable to matte.
Prints should be at least 3.5 x 5 inches, but no larger than 8” x 10”.
No negatives, polaroids or previously printed photos (scanning previously printed material generally results in poor quality).
DO NOT cut or crop photos. MINT CARDS will size and edit photos.
To show desired crop areas, use a photocopy of photo to indicate. MINT CARDS reserves the right to crop photos as necessary.
DO NOT paper clip, staple or mark front of photos.
Carefully write names on back of each photo.
Your photos will be returned.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ’s. Or give us a
call at 888.372.8702 and we’ll be happy to help you.

What Do I Need to Place an Order?
A picture for the front of your card (and back too, if you like). Click here to see Photo Requirements.
Choose a design for the front and back. Click here to see the Templates or Gallery.
Complete an Order Form online, or download a printable version here.
You can place your order online (for up to 10 different cards) or you can complete an Order Form and fax to us at 562-415-2689. Email images to
Turn-Around Time
About 3 to 4 days after receipt of your complete order, we’ll email you a PDF proof of your card(s). You will need to review the proof and fax it back to us with approval or changes. Your card will ship about 2 weeks later.
Multiple Card Orders
If you are organizing an order for a group, call us at 888.372.8702 and we’ll give you some helpful hints on how to put the order together in the simplest way.
Card Collation & Packaging
If you like the idea of handing out your cards as sets, we can collate and package your cards for you. Click here for more information.
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